Febian Perez


 This is the gear I have access to. Contact me for more information. Thanks


1971 Auditronics 501 heavily modified

  • 2520 based API style Preamps

  • Api Master Section

  • 2520 Line amps

  • Inductor Eqs

Neve 53 Series Console

  • 24 3115 preamp modules

Opamp Labs 10×2 Console

Yamaha Pm1000

API 3124m X2


Pro Tools Native with 24×24 IO

  • Antelope, Audient, and Prism Converters

Ampex 440 4 track

Scully 280b 2 track

Scully 280b full width mono

MCI Mara JH24 16 track 2″


Adams Midfields


JBL 4311s

Aviom Personal Headphone Distribution System

Beyerdynamic DT770 and DT990 headphones


Urei 1176 silverface pair

Urei 1176 blackface

Hairball 1176 revA

Universal Audio LA3A pair

Universal Audio LA4A pair

DBX 162VU pair

Orban 424a stereo compressor/gate

Orban 418a

2 DBX903 rack with comps gates and de-essers

DBX 160x

Valley Dynamics Kepex rack with 8 Kepex units

Altec 1612a


Urei 7110 pair


Neumann U67 pair vintage

Neumann U87 pair vintage

Neumann KM86 pair vintage

Neumann KM56 vintage

Fairchild F22/Synchron AU7 pair

RCA 77dx pair vintage

AKG 414 ULS vintage

Beyerdynamic m160 pair vintage

Beyerdynamic m130

Beyerdynamic pair 201

Beyerdynamic m49

Beyerdynamic m69

Soundelux U195/Bock 120 U47fet

Oliver Archut KM84

Shure 300 Ribbon

Octavamod (Joly) 219


Electrovoice RE 11 pair

Electrovoice RE 16 pair

Electrovoice RE 18 pair

Electrovoice Re 20

Electrovoice 635a pair

Electrovoice 645

Electrovoice N/D408

Shure Sm53

Shure Sm57 x5

Sennheiser 421 vintage pair

Audix i5

Audix D6

Diyac RM5 1.8 micron Ribbon pair

AKG C12/Elam 251 Clone

Groove Tubes GT66

Coles 4038 pair

Various one offs and custom mics


Eventide H910 Harmonizer

Eventide 1745m Delay

MXR Rack Mounted Pitch Shifter

Lexicon pcm60

Midiverb 3

Lexicon pcm90

Pluto Plate Reverb

Fender oil-can reverb

Vintage Alamo Spring Reverb

Too many plug-ins to count!

Various guitar pedal and outboard reverbs  availble